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Articles, Scholarly Papers and Other Texts
America's Eagle by Alfredo Arreguin
Bald Eagles Have Soared off the Endangered Species List
Demographic Analysis of Arizona Bald Eagles
Eagle Has Landed
Eagle Pairs
The Eagle Map of the United States
Golden Eagle Food Sources
Golden Eagle Migration Study in Pennsylvania
Golden Eagle in the Old and New Testament
Harpy Eagle Food Sources
Harpy Mating and Growth Cycle
Immigration Cup 2008 by Ricardo and Juan Compeán
Pope Paul II Speech on the Canonization of 
St. Juan Diego
St. Juan Diego, "Talking Eagle"
Threats to the Harpy Eagle
Untitled by Sam Coronado
Zorro, the Avenger

External Links
Compeán Portfolio
National Aviary
Sam Coronado
Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival
National Eagle Center
David Rumsey Map Collection

Organizations, Events and Places
American Bald Eagle Foundation

Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival
Haines Bald Eagle Festival
Hancock Wildlife Foundation
The National Aviary
National Eagle Center
Peregrine Fund

Preston Cook
David Hancock
David Olerud

Advertising and Branding
Bald Eagles
Civic Life and Patriotism
Eagles in Christianity
Eagles in Islam
Eagles in Judaism
Eagles of Cultural Identity
Eagles of National Identity
Eagles of Political Identity

Eagles of Spiritual Identity

Food Sources
Golden Eagle
Harpy Eagles
Mass Media
Mating and Growth Cycle
Popular Culture
Seals and Logos
Visual Arts

A Triumph of Conservation! The Fall and Rise of the Bald Eagle
Bald and Golden Eagles Compared and Contrasted
Cook on Haines Festival and His Involvement
The Eagle Leads Way to Conservation
Experience Nature in all of its Diversity
Fraser Bald Eagle Festival
David Hancock Internationally Recognized Biologist and Authority on Eagles
Hancock Wildlife Foundation
Haines Bald Eagle Festival 1980-present, David Olerud, Director
Lifestyle and Nesting Behavior of the Bald Eagle
A Passion for the Bald Eagle
Remote Video Gives us New Understanding of Eagle's Life Cycle
Residency and Migration of Bald Eagles in Alaska
Salmon Provide Fledgling Bald Eagles Easily-Gathered Food
Stages: Mating, Incubating, Hatching, Fledging
Started as Tourist Attraction, the Festival is Now an Educational Tool


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