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The bald eagle has been the subject of recent intense interest by conservationists, environmentalists, and the general public because the danger of the bird’s extinction has been eliminated officially. This section is dedicated to timely and highly significant developments with respect to eagles and will include environmental or scientific breakthroughs, new cultural discoveries or findings, and other distinctive moments that merit special attention.

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Eagle Web Cams

Quicktime Videos: Amazing footage from the Eagle Web Cams in the United States and Canada.

 A Toy for the Young
Clip known as "Eaglets and the Bear" on YouTube. HWF cam, Delta 1 nest, June 3, 2008. Related news coverage                               on You Tube. Courtesy of Hancock  Wildlife Foundation, www.hancockwildlife.org

                              Hunter and Prey:
                              IWS cam at Santa Cruz Island, California. 2008 season. Invading sub-adult captured the two eaglets, A-64 and
                   A-65 from the nest. Both were later  retrieved and rehabilitated on the mainland before returning to hacking
                              stations  on Catalina Island for fledging. A-65 was found dead shortly after his  fledge. Courtesy of Institute for                               Wildlife Studies, www.iws.org

                              Nest Attack:
                              The U.S. Forest Service operates this cam in the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon. 2008 season.

                              Preparing the Nest:
                              HWF cam at Hornby Island, BC. 2006 season. Courtesy of Hancock Wildlife Foundation, www.hancockwildlife.org

                              Rearranging the Young:
                              Clip referred to by Hancock Wildlife Foundation as "Flip the Chick.” HWF Delta1 cam at Delta, BC. 2008 season.                               Courtesy of Hancock Wildlife Foundation, www.hancockwildlife.org

                              Sharing the Warmth:
                              The U.S. Forest Service operates this cam in the Deschutes National Forest near Bend, Oregon. 2008 season.
                              The eagles are incubating the eggs.

                              When Nature Calls:
                              HWF Delta 1 cam, Delta, BC. Notice the "poofiti” on the trees. 2008. Courtesy of Hancock Wildlife Foundation,                               www.hancockwildlife.org

                              Catch of the Day:
                              Clip from HWF cam, Delta 1 nest at Delta, BC. The fish was probably caught at  nearby Boundary Bay or
                              a drainage ditch, as there are no rivers nearby. 2008 season. Courtesy of Hancock Wildlife Foundation,                               www.hancockwildlife.org

                              Scavenging for Lunch:
                            Clip referred to by Hancock Wildlife Foundation as "Delta Fast Foods.” HWF Delta 1 cam at Delta, BC nest. 2008                               season. Courtesy of Hancock Wildlife Foundation, www.hancockwildlife.or

Endangered image

Bald Eagles Have Soared Off the Endangered Species List

Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announces the delisting of the
bald eagle from the endangered species list.

Endangered image
Zuni Eagle Sanctuary

Native American-owned and –run aviary serves the needs of injured
eagles and cultural traditions.