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Eagles of National Identity

Over the millennia the eagle has been used very often as the icon of national identity.  The eagles that have figured most prominently as icons of national identity are the Golden Eagle (which is found in many places around the globe) and the Bald and Harpy Eagles (both of which only inhabit the Americas).
The Golden eagle is the national icon of many countries including Armenia, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Romania, the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne, the French Empire under Napoleon Bonaparte, and Yemen.  For this project the Golden Eagle as it appears as a national icon for Mexico, and before the conquest, for the Aztecs and other ancient Mesoamerican cultures, is key.  The Harpy eagle is the national icon of Panama and figures prominently on its coat of arms.
The Bald Eagle is the bird of national identity of the United States, and even the Philippines has it on its coat of arms although this species exists only in North America. The Bald Eagle is also the icon of identity for various indigenous cultures of North America.

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The Eagle and Mexico's National Identity